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Frankincense Tea can be added to a daily diet.

Frankincense tea made with the resin of the boswellia tree has been used for centuries as a herbal tea in many cultures and can be used as an all natural medicinal remedy for a variety of ailments. By consuming the resin steeped in high temperature water, it allows the wonderful Boswellic Acid or the AKBA compound to slowly release into the water with an herbal blend. Boswellic Acid is known to be the compound in frankincense to be responsible for its health benefits such as anti-inflammation. It has been debated that a substantial amount of the AKBA compound is lost in the process of distilling frankincense essential oil, making it less effective then it's natural form. Frankincense tea retains all the natural form of the frankincense resin and allows the AKBA compound to secrete and blend naturally in water.

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Organic Frankincense Green Tea

A New Way to Use Frankincense!

Using USDA organically grown frankincense that has been used in the traditional Ayurveda medicine for centuries, Frank-in-Water has made an organic frankincense green tea blend using USDA organic Chinese green tea.

Frank-in-Water has created a tasty organic frankincense green tea blend that is full of the amazing benefits of frankincense and green tea. A warm blend that has a familiar spice, organic frankincense green tea can be a great addition for a holiday tea that can be celebrated with Christmas.

Organic frankincense green tea is an exciting new product and can be added to a regular days meal and is perfect for energy and digestion. By combining two amazingly powerful and healthy herbs, organic frankincense green tea is packed full of the strong antioxidant benefits of green tea and the powerful anti-inflammatory healing properties of frankincense.  Frank-in-Water has truly created a one of a kind premium frankincense tea blend that can be found nowhere else in the world!

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Organic Frankincense Green Tea 


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